What is it?
Roux is the pandemic project of two immigrant kids. In short, it was a streetwear company, but we wanted it to be much more. 

What did I do?
Product Design, Social Media, Photography, Design, Art Direction, All the Creative Stuff

In cooking, a “roux” is the foundation of a sauce —a  simple, but wonderful thing.

We wanted Roux to be not only a clothing brand, but also the foundation for something larger: A reminder of home, of family dinners and lazy Sunday afternoons.
Roux also offered a set of post card designed to be mailed to forgotten friends and long lost acquaintances. A portion of all proceeds were donated to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness).
Roux also featured a section called Stories.
We envisioned it as “company blog” crossed with “letters to the editor” with a hint of early 2000’s internet forum. 

We received all kinds of submissions ranging from a cookie receipe to an abstract musical soundscape. You can still read my first post here