What is it?
A spec campaign to take on the fast fashion industry. 

What did I do?
Concept, Art Direction, Copywriting

ProblemFast fashion encourages consumers to constantly buy new clothes. While clothing sales are at an all-time high, so is waste.

Nothing gets people more excited than the exclusivity of a limited edition release.
Use the power of exclusive apparel to reward customers who love their gear for a lifetime.

Each season, a new artist will create a set of limited-run Carhartt crests, only available to customers who bring in their well-loved gear. Each year of ownership unlocks more options from the artist series. 

For the most dedicated customers who reach a true milestone of 10 years, a local artist will partner with them to create a unique piece of embroidery that truly makes the piece their own.

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Special thanks to mentors Eunie Jang & Gabriel Sehringer