What is it?
Due to rampant colorism, it is estimated that one in every two Filipino women have used skin lightening products. 

The Mercury Collection is a fashion project that aims to reveal the danger of skin whitening creams and champion the beauty of all skin tones.

What did I do?
Art Direction, Product Design, Concepting

Many Filipino women turn to illegal skin whitening creams in order to conform to racist beauty standards. But most are unaware that just one application can lead to hospitalizaiton. 

Enter, the Mercury Collection. A clothing line that combines shimmering mercurial fabrics with sheer accents festering with lesion to reveal the danger of mercury.

Philippine Fashion Week
This collection will debut at the country’s biggest stage in fashion. Although the models cast in red light will appear normal at first, the light switching to white will reveal the silver mercury and red-hot skin lesions that speckle and fester upon the skin. 

Post Show
After the show, attendees will exit through a hall of mirrors that project lighter skin and lesions through AI tracking. 

Finally, Fenty will set up pop-ups in Divisoria, the most famous street market at the heart of Manila, notorious for selling illegal

Customers will be invited to trade in their skin whitening cream for a Fenty Beauty Foundation in the shade of their natural skin tone.
These pop ups will be supported with key OOH placements including on billboards and “jeepneys” a popular form of transport in the Philippines

CW: Mariel Calara

Special thanks to my mentors Eunie Jang & Gabriel Sehringer