What is it?
Selected works from my printmaking practice. 

What did I do?
Silk Screen, Monoprint, Printmaking, Suminagashi Dying, Design, Bookbinding 

Heart Mountain, 2020
A modular series of prints framed with recycled wood allow each print to be stood up or combined into makeshift structures. Images of the freedom and beauty of Hayao Miyazaki’s imagined western landscapes from Howl’s Moving Castle are juxtaposed against the harsh realities of Japanese American internment camps.


Lost in the Waves, 2019
A series of prints combining traditional printmaking with Japanese suminagashi dying techniques and woodworking. A meditation through grief and an examination of the way media tells us to handle it. 


Snow Rabbits, 2018
A collection of monoprints bound into an accordian-style book, which unfolds to span 12 feet wide. The rabbit’s journey serves as a metaphor for anxiety and depression.