What is it?
A spec campaign to take a well known truth about Starbucks and turn it into a surprising partnership.

What did I do?
Art Direction, Concept, Illustration, Design

If you’ve been to Starbucks, you’ve had your name spelled wrong.
So what bigger way for Starbucks to admit they could use a little help with spelling…

…than to sponsor the National Spelling Bee.

Visual Identity
We wanted to create a unique, instantly recognizable aesthetic that brings the chaotic hand-drawn excitement of school days to life while feeling right for both partners. 

Mood Board

As part of the build up to this announcement, Starbucks will covertly change it’s name for a week to drive a media frenzy. 

CW: Alec Zbornak

Special thanks to my mentors Eunie Jang & Gabriel Sehringer