What is it?
Many countries have beef, chicken, and pork, but only  one country has a tofu turkey. All American Meat is a campaign to rebrand Tofurky as an American icon. 

What did I do?
Art Direction, Product Design, Concept

Core to this campaign is a reimagined logo drawing from elements of classic American Woodblock. 


The ME(A)T
Reimagined American classics will take center stage at a pop-up gallery near New York’s famous MET Museum.

D.C. Turkey Pardon
We’ll rally our nation’s capital to champion Tofurky.

NYC Subway
Every New Yorker knows the MTA’s Poetry in Motion series. Now they’ll get to know the poetry of Tofurky.

Special Edition We’ll release limited edition products that are literally red white and blue, showing Tofurky is American inside and out. 

CW: Mariel Calara

Special thanks to my mentors Eunie Jang & Gabriel Sehringer as well as Isa Renee for help with animations